Earth and environmental sciences programs are an important component of any basic science education; specifically one that directly prepares students to think critically about the development of scientific ideas and encourages them to become invested in understanding why the world works the way it does (and what they can do to change it!). In order to stimulate student interest and generate positive learning experiences, my teaching focuses on three main goals: (1) expanding basic knowledge of Earth systems and the environment, (2) increasing interdisciplinary connections between Earth science and other disciplines (e.g., biology, chemistry, science policy), and (3) actively involving students in field and research experiences.


NC State (Assistant Professor)

MEA450: Sedimentary Petrology and Stratigraphy (2017)

MEA101: Physical Geology (2017)

MEA599: Regional Geology of the US (2017)


University of Washington (Instructor/Visiting Faculty)

Stratigraphy (2016)

Topics in Terrestrial Paleoclimate (2015)

Paleoclimate Methods (2015)


University of Michigan (Teaching Assistant)

Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis (2012)

Ecosystem Science in the Rockies (2012)

Introduction to Environmental Science (2011)

Geology Field Mapping (2011)

Economic Geology (2010)

Environmental Geology (2010)

Introduction to Rocky Mountain Field Geology (2010)

Introductory Physical Geography (2009)


Carleton College (Teaching Assistant)

Paleobiology (2008)

Mineralogy (2007)